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V-MODA Over-Ear Custom Shield

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V-MODA Over-Ear Custom Shield Kit for M-100, LP, LP2

  • Interchangeable shields available in various vibrant colors
  • For Over-Ear Crossfade series headphones – LP/LP2/M-100
  • Constructed from durable metal



1. Creat your design here Download Template

2. Order the desired shield color from here

3. Email your design to info@semitse.com together with your payment proof with reference to your invoice number

4. Custom shield engraving will be ready in 4 working days and shipped to your address.

Product Description

Crossfade Customs: Over-Ear Shield KitAt V-MODA we believe that everything you own from your car, to your watch and to your headphone needs to be unique and represent your style. Created for the Over-Ear Crossfade series headphones, custom shield kits are built from a durable light-weight metal and available in a variety of different colors.
“…turn headphones into a fashion accessory or branding tool, without sacrificing sound or quality.”
– Chip Chick
What’s Included?

  • Your shields and wing plates (please note the wing plates are only compatible with the LP and LP2’s, NOT the M-100’s)
  • 3 black screws, 3 silver screws
  • 1 hexagon Allen wrench screwdriver (1.5mm)

How to use your own artwork/logo – Please Read

1. Apply artwork to the shield template.
2. Email your artwork to info@semitse.com (SUBJECT: OVER EAR CUSTOM SHIELD ORDER)
Please do not upload company/brand logos of which you do not own the rights (ie no Disney, NFL logos, etc).

Artwork/logo image guidelines
1. Images/logos are preferred to be in black and white (correct image artwork shown to the right)
2. For the best engraving results, images should be uploaded in high resolution (300dpi or above)
3. Image formats accepted: jpg, gif, png, bmp, pdf, tiff, eps, ai, psd, svg
4. Images that do not meet the above criteria WILL NOT be processed.
V-MODA Crossfade Custom